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Monthly Archive for September, 2010


Grant submission can be a complicated process.  Each funding agency has its own criteria and each has its own format. That’s where Cayuse comes in.  It exists to make life easier for researchers and administrators. A few years ago, the federal government mandated the creation of grants.gov, a web site intended to combine all 27 […]

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The Ant and the Computer Scientist

Most of us have probably stepped on an ant and never thought anything about it – it’s just an ant.  But to Dr. Laura Grabowski  of UTPA’s Computer Science Department, the ordinary ant is an inspiration.  She doesn’t study ants – she studies intelligence, both artificial and natural intelligence, and the ant represents how small […]

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The Red Team

“Intellectual Energy” featured a story in July about a competitive system of finding the best proposal to fit a grant when the funding source limits the number of proposals from a university. To carry that collegial effort further, the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects has instituted “The Red Team” – an ad hoc group […]

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