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Rolf Otto NiederstrasserRolf Otto Niederstrasser, 25, plans to graduate from The University of Texas-Pan American with a double major in political science and history in August 2014. He was born in Berlin, Germany, to a German father and Cuban mother and is fluent in German, English and Spanish. Niederstrasser played for the National Junior Tennis Team in Cuba and placed 3rd in the 2004 Cuban Junior National Tennis Championship. When he joined the University, he played on the UTPA tennis team without scholarship in the 2011-12 season until his eligibility ran out. Niederstrasser then volunteered for a semester as an assistant to improve the team’s skills. He has been an intern in the Political Science Re-search Lab since September 2013. In 2013 he successfully completed the Galilee International Management Institute Summer program in Israel on Middle Eastern Politics focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and placed third at UTPA’s 2013 College of Social and Behavioral Science’s 7th Annual Research Conference on the topic of “Marijuana, U.S. Legalization and the Violence in Mexico.” Niederstrasser was honored to represent the Political Science Department with several other students at private dinners in honor of Dr. Madeleine Albright, first female U.S. Secretary of State, when she spoke at UTPA in Spring 2013 and Ruben Navarrette Jr., political columnist for the Washington Post and CNN commentator and correspondent, when he spoke at UTPA in October 2013. He was able to gain fundraising experience while working at the UTPA Phonathon, a pledge campaign to raise money for the UTPA Fund program which helps support student and faculty development.

Awards/Honors: Political Science Honor Society, 2014; International Women’s Board Scholarship, Summer 2013; and Dean’s List, Fall 2010-Spring 2012.

What are your plans after graduation? First of all I want to publish an academic paper about how to better diplomatic relations with Cuba. I also want to continue my education by going to grad school and studying foreign affairs and diplomacy. In the future I would like to become a diplomat and contribute in the improvement of Cuban-American relations.

Do you plan to return to the Valley? The Valley has offered me great opportunities to meet extraordinary people. I would be lying if I say I wouldn’t return to this place after living here for five years.

What has your education done for you? When I sit in class, hear a new word and consequently take out the phone, Google the meaning and understand in what connotation the professor used it, then it’s a good day. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to expand the borders of my own knowledge.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? I spent about the same amount of years going to schools in Cuba and Germany. Both places are known for having great educational systems (even if they are opposed in some ways). These contrasting views have taught me tolerance and acceptance in different ways of thinking. UTPA has offered me the crowning achievement of getting a different view of how to see and interpret the world that surrounds us.

What is your best tip for success? Think of what you would like to do the rest of your life and work to get there.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? Be hungry, seek for more. There is always someone better than you, so you have to improve yourself constantly. There is no time to rest.

Javier Garza

Javier GarzaJavier Garza Jr., 19, is a junior at The University of Texas-Pan American and plans to graduate with a BA in English with a minor in history in Spring 2015. Garza graduated from Edinburg North High School in 2012 where he was a four- year varsity track and field athlete, as well as MVP. He’d like to thank his parents, Javier and Alicia Garza for being more than he could ask for, as well as his siblings Eric and Aliana. Garza works part time at Amistad Provider Agency in Edinburg, is a member of numerous honor societies at UTPA, and is passionate about his Christian studies. Currently, he’s preparing for the LSAT in hopes of scoring high, which will give him a wide variety of law schools to apply to.

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List, Spring 2013;  National Society of Collegiate Scholars, 2013; Golden Key International Honor Society, 2013; English Honor Society, 2014; and History Honor Society, 2014.

What are your plans after graduation? I hope to attend law school to pursue my Juris Doctorate. I’d prefer to attend a law school in Texas, but I’ll apply to multiple American Bar Association law schools across the U.S. in case of rejections or better offers. That’s the goal I am working toward. Of course I have backup plans, but for now this is the path where my heart is. I admire the versatility and prestige of a law degree, but more than anything, I love to think. I want to use my wit for good. I, along with many others, have other goals in secret, and some not even born yet, but for now I’ll just continue working hard. In reality nothing is promised. I pray that God leads me in the right path. God’s law is the law I put before any law.

Do you plan to return to the Valley? After all of my educational endeavors, absolutely. I may occasionally travel here and there, but Edinburg will always be my home. I don’t really know what type of attorney I’d like to be yet, but landing a job with bar passage requirement is an ideal start.

What has your education done for you? It’s helping me find myself, become independent, make decisions, and think of things/ways I‘ve never thought. You meet new people, professors, and become exposed to different perspectives, surroundings, scenarios, and topics – all these have had an impact on who I am.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? I’m blessed to have a University in my home town. Several kids from other cities dream of this and tell me how lucky I am. I’d be a fool to refuse to take advantage of becoming educated in the comfort of familiarization. College is business before pleasure. I was surprised how great UTPA is. I love my Bronc family.

What is your best tip for success? Don’t let success define you. Define success yourself.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? Whatever you’ve had a passion for in high school, transition that passion into your studies. For example, if you were an athlete, remember all that heart and dedication you put in? You already have the discipline to be passionate about something, just use that exact same effort in the classroom and you’ll be great. Realize what you’re truly here for. At the end of the day, nothing matters more in college than your grades. I don’t care what people tell you or what other people are doing, you’re here to graduate, period. That’s your mission. Yes, have fun, but manage your effort wisely, and use it to win.

Ernesto Espinoza Jr.

Ernesto Espinoza Jr.Ernesto Espinoza Jr., 20, plans to graduate from The University of Texas-Pan American with bachelor’s degrees in biology and Spanish and a minor in chemistry and medical Spanish. He graduated from Edinburg North High School in 2011. At UTPA, Espinoza participates in the Phi Iota Alpha fraternity, University Program Board, GEAR UP Collegiate Council, Pre-med Bio-med Society, and Soñar Despierto. During the past two summers he has been a participant in the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) Academic Enrichment Program and the UTMB Medical Careers Diversity Program. Espinoza loves being involved in his community and mentoring high school students from all districts to help them become better leaders and encouraging them to go to college.

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List, 2012; Top 10% Scholarship, 2011; Texas Scholar, 2011; and Texas Grant, 2011-present.

What are your plans after graduation? Hang my diploma on the fridge and sleep. Just kidding!  I plan on either going into medical or chiropractic school, where I can finalize this dream of becoming a doctor and make it a reality.

Do you plan to return to the Valley? It would be an honor to return back not as a student, but as a doctor, and serve the community that has made me the man I am today.  There’s no other place I’d rather be than with the people and Valley that have my heart.

What has your education done for you? Having the privilege of obtaining an education is a blessing from God that I will forever be grateful for.​  Receiving an education is what inspired this little boy, who used to cut yards with his dad, to become a doctor.  I’ve had the opportunity of shadowing many great doctors which has enlightened my knowledge in the medical field profession and motivated me to continue toward my goal. I give big thanks to all my teachers and professors who have been a part of this amazing learning journey.  Education is the key to a better future.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? Semester after semester it just keeps getting better because it just feels like every day is a new learning experience. The friendly atmosphere and positive energy the people have make UTPA feel to me like one big family.  I’d like to think that if I died today, I’d die a happy Bronc because the memories, experiences, friends and brothers I’ve made; all those memories and people will forever be in my heart.

What is your best tip for success? I believe the one thing we look most for in life is to be happy, and to me when a person is happy, they are successful.  My tip for all ages is that no matter what you do, do something you are passionate about and always put your heart into it.  Work hard for your goals and do what you love because the first step to success is happiness.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? My best advice would be to join student organizations and be involved on campus because the UTPA experience all depends on what you make of it.  Surround yourself with positive people who can bring the best out of you. Always be open to making new friends and challenge yourself past your limit every day. Now ask yourself, is the you today better than yesterday, and will the you tomorrow be even better?

Ricardo Uribe

Ricardo UribeRicardo Uribe, 21, a junior at The University of Texas Pan-American, plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in mass communication in Spring 2015. Along with his degree, he is also working to attain his teaching certification as well as ESL certification. He graduated in the top 20 percent of his class from Los Fresnos High School in 2011. Uribe has dedicated most of his time working with the Bronc Mentoring Experience and First Year Mentoring Program and has been working with mentoring since Fall 2012 with the Ambassadors Program. He also serves as an executive aide with the Student Government Association and is a member of the Student Leadership Academy. Uribe serves on the Community Service Connection Planning Committee and the Distinguished Speakers Committee.  While attending UTPA, Uribe has participated in numerous community service events including MLK Day of Service, the Alternative Spring Break Program in New Orleans, Adopt an Angel, and United to Serve, among others.

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List, Spring and Fall 2012, and Spring 2013.

What are your plans after graduation? I would love to begin my teaching career somewhere in the upper Valley. I hope to attain a master’s degree in education administration, but I will need some years of teaching experience before I can begin working on that.

Do you plan to stay in the Valley? Despite not being originally from the Valley, I am glad to call this place home. I think it is a great place to raise a family. Part of being a successful teacher is being able to relate to your students. As a first generation college student, I believe I can relate to a lot of students here in Valley.

What has your education done for you? My education has allowed me to accomplish so much in so little time, and I don’t even have my degree yet. I am lucky enough to have such great and loving parents who have supported me every step of the way. I have taken it upon myself to set the bar high for my younger siblings, whom I hope will also continue their education when their time comes. I’ve caught myself thinking about graduate school, when three years ago I wasn’t sure if I would even come close to a bachelor’s degree. Continuing my education has opened so many doors for me, and through hard work and dedication, I hope to continue to find these doors. Semper Porro!

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? UTPA has done so much for me, but more importantly, it has given me the opportunity to give back in so many ways. I have made friendships that I know will last beyond our time as undergrads. I have been fortunate enough to work with great people who have taught me so much along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience.

What is your best tip for success? The best tip I can give someone is to pour their heart and soul into everything they do. Even if it doesn’t turn out as planned, there is always a lesson to be learned. When you think no one is looking, give it your all, because sometimes, that is when it counts the most.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? As a mentor, I always tell students that managing their time will allow them to maximize their college experience and still be able to maintain good grades in their classes. You don’t have to be the smartest to succeed in college, just stay organized!

Heather Gonzalez

Heather GonzalezHeather Nicole Gonzalez, 19, a sophomore at The University of Texas-Pan American, plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a minor in Medical Spanish with a goal to graduate in May 2016.  Gonzalez is deeply thankful to God foremost, her family, and Daniela Venegas for her nomination. Gonzalez graduated with 56 college credits under the Distinguished Achievement Program from PSJA High School in 2012, where she ranked 8th in her graduating class.  In 2013, she was inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society, and Golden Key International Honour Society. She is currently a senator for the College of Health Sciences and Human Services with the Student Government Association, programming assistant for the University Program Board and member of the Student Leadership Academy.  Gonzalez has worked on campus since August 2012, currently as a parent and family student coordinator for the Dean of Students Office.  Her volunteer activities include: Vacation Bible School worship leader for the Muñequita Ministry,  Adopt-a-Beach, HESTEC, Carnival of the Great Pumpkin, H-E-B Feast of Sharing, and the Martin Luther King Day of Service.

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List, Fall 2012-present; Kenedy Memorial Scholarship, 2013-2014; STARS Scholarship, 2013-2014; AT&T Foundation Scholarship, 2012-2013; Shary-Shivers Foundation Scholarship, 2012-2013; Student Leadership Academy, Fall 2013; and Golden Key UTPA Chapter Excellence Service Award, Fall 2013.

What are your plans after graduation? I plan to enter UTPA’s nurse practitioner master’s program. During this time I hope to work in a hospital or a clinic, developing first-hand experience with patients. I aspire to  receive a Ph.D. in a nursing specialty area,  centrally working with children.

Do you plan to stay in the Valley? Family means everything to me, and being raised in the Valley has taught me the true value of cherishing my roots. I am not certain of what the future lies ahead of me, but I plan on going wherever God and my future career takes me.

What has your education done for you? Education has been the golden gateway to opportunity in my life. From the start of my academic career, my family has stressed the importance of education.  As a second-year college student, I have understood the advancement in my life that comes with developing wisdom, knowledge, and awareness. I hope to continue to broaden my mind by gaining real-life experiences and exploring the beauty that comes from learning something new every day.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? My UTPA experience has been a true blessing.  I am grateful to attend a University dedicated to honesty, integrity and respect, where the professors and staff uphold these values. Through campus involvement,  I’ve been able to grow socially, and build strong connections with individuals with different ideals, mindsets, and goals. I know that the education and experiences that I have and will earn at UTPA, will aid me in all future aspects of my life.

What is your best tip for success? Be organized and stay positive. Using a personal planner where I jot down dates of exams, homework assignments and important upcoming events has helped me develop organizational skills to be successful in college. Train yourself to keep an optimistic attitude in what seems to be a negative situation. And, last but not least, don’t forget to breathe, as college should be one of the best times of your lives.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? My advice is to keep your eyes on the prize, the initial goal you set entering college. Be sure that you are in a major that you desire, and wouldn’t mind doing for years to come. Don’t sit on the sidelines wishing to be something you want to be, but instead take action. Make the most of the opportunities and resources being offered to you such as joining organizations, setting up résumé appointments, or visiting your advisor. Learn to build on prioritizing what is most important to your life and sticking to it.


Liliana Flores

Liliana FloresLiliana Flores, 20, is a sophomore at The University of Texas Pan-American and plans to graduate in May 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in biology. Flores would like to thank her family for all the support they’ve given her. She graduated from The Oratory Academy in 2012. As a UTPA freshman, Flores joined Soñar Despierto, participated in the Leadershape Academy, Psychology Club, and worked as an orientation leader with the Admissions Office during the summer 2013. As a sophomore, Flores realized how important her college life was and decided to take full advantage of what the University offers, volunteering in the Feast of Sharing and at the Children’s Hospital at Renaissance. Flores began to be more involved with the Psychology club and was elected as an officer. She also became the  Heritage Committee chair for the University Program Board, a SAM Protégé, member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and a committee member of the Student Union Advisory Board. Flores plans to study abroad to Florence, Italy this summer.

What are your plans after graduation? I plan to continue my education and obtain my master’s degree in clinical psychology at UT Pan American, and my Ph.D. as well.

Do you plan to stay in the Valley? Although I am originally from Mexico, I’ve been blessed to be able to study in the Valley. I came to the Valley as a freshman in high school six years ago. Being here has opened many doors. I do plan to continue my education in the Valley and, hopefully, settle here in the future.

What has your education done for you? I’ve always looked up to my parents and admired how hard they’ve worked to provide my brothers and I with an education. They’ve taught us the importance of education and how college prepares you for what is out there in the real world. Supporting me through college has been the greatest gift; obtaining my bachelor’s and showing them how I’ve learned, value my education and not taken it for granted is my gift to them.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? My experience at the University has been amazing since day one. UTPA has managed to give Bronc Pride to its students offering them an unforgettable college experience. I’ve learned so much, from education to values. The University has offered many opportunities to increase my skills as a student and leader. I’ve connected with people with my same interests and expanded my knowledge with their help.

What is your best tip for success? To take advantage of what the University provides. Leadership academies, retreats, conferences, and clubs will help you grow as a leader and connect with others with the same potential. Also, I’d advise them to be responsible and never forget why you’re here, for your education.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? To set goals and to achieve them. I’ve had this saying in my head that “if you can dream it, you can do it.” Nothing good will be handed to you, but with hard work and dedication success will find you. No matter how hard it gets, never give up on your dream, because at the end it will be worth the struggle.

Alan Ruiz

Alan RuizAlan Ruiz, 23, plans to graduate from The University of Texas Pan-American with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in spring 2014. He served for two and a half years as membership coordinator of the MAES (Mexican American Engineering and Scientists) student organization. Ruiz has volunteered through the University with Habitat for Humanity to help build houses for people who need it. He also volunteered at HESTEC with MAES by selling shirts and food to help support the organization’s activities. Ruiz has travelled to several cities to participate in conferences and symposiums sponsored by MAES or HENACC, another STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)-related student organization. Ruiz is currently a student manager of UTPA’s Student Union.

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List, Spring 2013; and Student Union Dining Facilities Employee of the Month, Spring 2013.

What are your plans after graduation? I want to continue with my master’s in engineering management to get more job opportunities and focus more in quality control in a company. I am an international student, and I know that it’s hard for me to get a job here in the U.S. because we have fewer opportunities compared to citizens and residents, but that doesn’t put me down. I know that I will continue to follow my dreams and never give up.

Do you plan to stay in the Valley? I want to pursue a job and have a new life outside of the Valley. I just want to learn more, meet new people and have more opportunities. I know one day I will come back to focus on a getting a Ph.D. and my dream project of having my own research lab.

What has your education done for you? Since I was little, my parents always told me that the education is the most important part of our lives and having a degree  will open many doors in your life. Also, in this case, my being bilingual will also benefit me. My parents are right, this is my last semester and I am ready to get into the real world and have a mechanical engineering job. I am excited about almost being done with a very important step in my life, which is to finish my bachelor’s degree.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? UTPA is the best university, and I love it and the people who are here. I have become more involved in all the activities and events at UTPA by just working in the Student Union and it’s amazing! I notice that UTPA is really like my home and I will never forget all the experiences I have had and all the new people and, more importantly, friends that I have met since I started at UTPA three years ago.

What is your best tip for success? I’m always a positive person and I say to always be positive in everything because, for me, it works like that. It helps me a lot in school and also to be a better person every day. Also, to smile every day and enjoy life, and if an opportunity comes, don’t avoid it, just go and confront it.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? Never procrastinate; never leave all the homework or studying to the very end, because you will never be successful in life if you leave everything to the last minute. Also, you have to  manage your time, because sometimes there is no time to do the things you want, like hanging-out with friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend, studying or doing homework; by managing your time, you will be able to enjoy everything.

Ramiro Flores

Ramiro FloresRamiro Flores, 20, plans to graduate from The University of Texas-Pan American with a degree in political science and a degree in economics in Fall 2015. Flores is vice president of the Student Alumni Association, a Student Government Association senator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and Phi Iota Alpha fraternity. He is currently working for Teach For America as a campus campaign coordinator. Flores is extremely active in both the UTPA community and the Rio Grande Valley community. He enjoys going back to his high school, IDEA College Prep in Donna, and speaking about the many opportunities that await seniors at UTPA.

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List, Fall 2012-present; University Scholar, Fall 2012-present; and Texas Grant, Fall 2012-present.

What are your plans after graduation? After graduating, I will join Teach For America and teach two years. After teaching, I plan to work on education policy at our state’s capitol.

Do you plan to stay in the Valley? I plan to give back to my community by teaching here for two years. The Valley has given me many great opportunities, and I want to make sure I’m able to pass those along to the generations that follow.

What has your education done for you? Education is everything to me. Education has taught me that where I was born has nothing to do with what I’m able or unable to do. Education has allowed me to travel to Spain, France, Italy, and China. Above all, it has certainly empowered me to be confident in who I am, and humble enough to always listen before I speak.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? My UTPA experience has been 1,931 times better than expected! I am truly honored to be part of this great institution. I have been mentored by outstanding people, and I’ve had the opportunity to make friendships that I know will last for years after college. Most importantly, I’ve had professors that have challenged me to become a better student, consequently preparing me for my career.

What is your best tip for success? My best tip for success is to always expect the best from yourself. When it comes to classes, always challenge yourself to take harder classes because those are the ones that will prepare you for the future. Likewise, always surround yourself with people who are goal-driven because their passion will motivate you when life gets the most of you.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? My advice for college-bound students is to always remember that, no matter where they end up going to college, whether or not they have a great time is entirely up to them. Moreover, I’d advise them to come to college ready to meet people. I can honestly say that I’ve met outstanding people here at UTPA, and I wouldn’t change that experience for anything. GO BRONCS!

Stephanie Monique ArroyoStephanie Monique Arroyo, 21, plans to graduate from The University of Texas-Pan American with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a minor in mathematics in 2015. She graduated from Edinburg High School in 2011. She currently serves on the Committee of Student Organizations, Student Union Advisory Board and Community Service Connection Planning Committee. She was the undergraduate representative on the Task Force for Online Student Course Evaluations. She has volunteered with the Special Olympics, Palm Valley Animal Shelter, RGV Food Bank and participated in the Alternative Winter Break program. She is an intern for the Office for Student Involvement and promotes student life and community connections through orientations and campus events.

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List, Spring 2012.

What are your plans after graduation? I plan to change the general opinion on physical education in the public school system one student at a time; I want to inspire children to live an active lifestyle. Being active and healthy can be fun for everyone if they have the right motivator. I want preteens and teenagers to look forward to P.E.

Do you plan to stay in the Valley? Perhaps in the far future I may return, but I currently plan on moving out of the Valley and hope to take what I’ve learned with me.

What has your education done for you? It has given me more opportunities to go above and beyond what my parents have been able to accomplish academically. A lot of what I do is to set an example for my younger sister. My education has taken me far and it has helped me be the best role model I can be for Amanda.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? I grew up on this campus. My father Alejandro Arroyo has been working at UTPA for 13 years. I have been going to events like the Carnival of the Great Pumpkin since I was a little girl. UTPA is my home. It is an honor to even be a student here! UTPA is filled with traditions and a bubbling student life. I have met so many great people that want to make a difference in this world. I’ve grown a lot since I first started here and I owe a lot of it to the Office for Student Involvement.

What is your best tip for success? Always have your heart in every decision that you make.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? Take advantage of all the opportunities that high school has to offer (i.e. dual enrollment, advanced placement exams, vocational training). And stay young at heart.

Humberto Zamudio

Humberto ZamudioHumberto Zamudio, 21, a senior at The University of Texas Pan-American, plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitative Services in Summer 2014. He graduated from Nikki Rowe School in 2010 in the top 25 percent of his class. Zamudio was inducted into The National Society of Collegiate Scholars which recognized the hard work that he has put in toward helping students and his community. He is a member of the Student Government Association, serving last year and this year as a senator for the College of Health Sciences and Human Services. Zamudio also serves as the Nightlife Committee chair in the University Program Board, and is a member of the Rehab Club.  During the summer of 2012, he participated in a study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain.  He volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, Adopt-an-Angel, Special Olympics and Adopt-a-Beach.

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List, Spring 2011; and City of McAllen Volunteer of the Year, 2012.

What are your plans after graduation? After graduation, I plan to go to the University of Texas at El Paso and pursue my Ph.D. in physical therapy, as well as to obtain a full- time faculty position at The University of Texas at El Paso.

Do you plan to return to the Valley? I don’t think I will come back to the Valley right away after I get my Ph.D.  I want to give back to my country, so I will be going around the country and providing free services to low-income families. Later on, I will probably come back to the Valley and open my own clinic.

What has your education done for you? My education at The University of Texas- Pan American has allowed me to accomplish my goals. It has opened up so many opportunities in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my education. It also has given me the proper tools to always excel at anything I attempt. It has played a big role in shaping me into the person I am today.

How do you feel about your UTPA experience? The UTPA experience has been amazing. I have developed many skills, have grown academically, become more confident, and made lasting friendships. I got the chance to get involved with my University; it created opportunities that I never thought possible. Being at UTPA has helped me grow tremendously as an individual. I feel I have made the best out of my college experience at UTPA and I am proud to say that I have fully experienced the college life.

What is your best tip for success? The best tip for success would be to work hard to accomplish your goals. With a positive attitude life will always be easier than you think.  Enjoy everything you do and always strive to be the best you can be. This will help you improve and develop your leadership and personal skills. Push yourself as far as you think possible and watch everything in your life transform for the better.

What advice do you have for college-bound students? My best advice is to keep working hard and never lose sight of your goals. Get involved on campus; being involved can open so many doors and can provide you with crucial leadership skills. UTPA has changed my life forever and it can do the same for you . . . Go Broncs!


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