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The Division of Information Technology (IT) celebrated the implementation of ServiceNow today! It’s a significant milestone in the ITSM Program that was kicked off in September 2013. IT added a new way to serve and interact with UTPA customers. The main goal is to make it simple for UTPA customers to request IT services and report when something is broken. Congratulations to the ITSM Tool implementation team and all their participants. Visit the ITSM website to read more about the program and view the latest updates.


In an effort to better serve its UTPA customers and enhance their service experience, the Division of Information Technology (IT) is excited to announce October 22, 2014 as the launch date for ServiceNow, a new Service Management System.

ServiceNow is a comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) solution and more. A customer self-service interface will provide a simple way of reporting technical incidents and initiating requests. Customers will receive automated emails acknowledging receipt of their request. Additional dynamic emails will be provided throughout the process to give customers progress status and updates, allowing for greater customer interaction, collaboration, and information sharing. ServiceNow will replace current legacy systems that track technical incidents and requests.

Detailed information regarding trainings, resources, and demonstrations will be available soon.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the transition to ServiceNow, the IT Help Desk has changed its name to the IT Service Desk. They can still be reached at (956) 665-2020

We appreciate your patience during this transition to ServiceNow as IT continues to be your trusted business partner of choice.

Visit our ITSM Tool Page on the ITSM website for the latest updates.

The Go-Live date for ServiceNow, ITSM Tool, has been moved from October 15 to October 22 due to the release of a new patch requiring additional testing.


Testing has been extended until October 10, 2014. The modules listed below need to be retested to ensure that everything is working properly.

  • Incident Management
  • Request Fulfillment / Service Catalog
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management

The Train-the-Trainer Session will go on as scheduled on Monday, October 6. As a result of the new go-live date, trainers will be given more time to prepare for the ServiceNow Trainings.

ServiceNow Training for IT staff will now be October 13 – 21. IT Staff will receive an email notification with the modules they will need to complete.


ServiceNow Train-the-Trainer Session

On October 6, sixteen individuals will be trained on best practices and learn how to navigate and utilize ServiceNow.

These individuals will deliver ServiceNow training to IT staff and stakeholders.

Trainers identified:

Service Now Train the Trainer

ServiceNow Training Sessions

Learn how to navigate and utilize ServiceNow October 8th-14th. Depending on your role, you will be notified and required to complete training by October 14, 2014.

You can choose from two training methods: Instructor-led training or pre-recorded training.

Our training team will be following up with you to ensure you completed your designated training.

ServiceNow Training Sessions

ServiceNow “Show Me” Sessions

The second and third ServiceNow “Show Me” sessions have been completed and video recordings are now available in the Communications Archive in the ITSM website.

The implementation is moving along as planned. Test plans for Incident Management, Change Management and Problem Management were developed. User acceptance testing (UAT) began on September 29, 2014 and is scheduled to end on October 3, 2014.

ServiceNow will be used to track incidents and service requests beginning October 15, 2014. The STAT and Altiris systems will no longer be used.

The migration plan to go from development to test and into production is being formulated.

The August/September edition of ITSM newsletter is now available online. Learn about the overall progress, accomplishments, and process updates of the ITSM Program.

Knowledge Management Workshop was held on September 24, 2014 to strategize on how all current knowledge base articles from systems will be migrated into ServiceNow.

Attendees included: Janie Palacios, Jaime Vasquez, Joe Mendoza, Hector Perez, Hector Rodriguez, Omar Cantu, Gabriel Cruz, Travis Moon, and Hilda Gonzalez.

A Project Portfolio Management Workshop to strategize on how the project management process will be migrated into ServiceNow was held September 22-23, 2014.

Attendees included: Jeffrey Graham, Frank Zecca, Esther Dominguez, Cathy Vale, Glenda Benas, Ricardo Riojas, Kumar Raman, Jose Hinojosa, Hector Rodriguez, and Jaime Nunez.

Plans to retire ProjMan and Innotas for project management are scheduled for December 2014.


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