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In an effort to improve efficiency, the options menu for the IT Service Desk (extension 2020) has changed. Please listen closely to the additional menu options. If your call requires the assistance from an IT Service Desk technical support agent, select #6.

Below are the new menu options:

0 – Operator
1 – COLTT Help Desk (5327)
2 – Admissions (2999)
3 – Financial Aid (2501)
4 – Registrar’s Office (2201)
5 – Payments and Collections (2715)
6 – Technical Support (IT Service Desk agent)
7 – Repeat options
8 – Leave Voice Mail Message

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Your OneDrive Online Storage Just Got BIGGER!


Storing and sharing massive amounts of photos, videos, and documents is easier than ever before. OneDrive online storage just increased from 25 GB to 1,000 GB (1 Terabyte). That’s 4000% more cloud storage!


You can find OneDrive on the top menu bar of your UTPA email account. Use it to store and share your documents. Collaborate with others. More information is available here.


OneDrive is suitable for storing FERPA information. However, you should avoid storing Social Security Numbers, personal health information, or credit card numbers in OneDrive.

OneDrive 1TB increase



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The Division of Information Technology would like to announce UTPA’s membership in the Microsoft IT Academy program to provide technology education for students, faculty, and staff. Free self-paced online training spans from computer basics to high-level programming, along with information and communications technology management.

Microsoft IT Academy will provide a convenient and flexible learning environment where students can get hands-on experience with the latest Microsoft technology to gain a competitive edge in today’s job market or the next step in their academics.

IT Academy Software Table

To learn more about the program and enroll in classes, visit utpa.edu/itacademy.

On July 18, 2014, Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) will replace the Barracuda Spam Firewall that provides spam filtering and quarantine services for UTPA.

Spam services can help protect you from messages that contain spam, viruses, and phishing attacks. “Phishing” refers to an attempt to trick you into disclosing your UTPA credentials, personal, or financial information. Voluntarily providing your credentials can compromise confidential UTPA data. It is your responsibility to guard against phishing attacks by reviewing all messages carefully.

How do I log in to view quarantined messages?

Go to http://utpa.edu/spam and log in using your UTPA username and password.

 What can I do in Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?

What should I expect from Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?

  • A daily summary sent to your inbox with a list of quarantined messages.
  • Quarantined messages are deleted in 10 days from the date received.

The June edition of ITSM newsletter is now available online. Learn about the overall progress, accomplishments, and process updates of the ITSM Program.

We are happy to announce that the Statement of Work for Implementation Services for our ITSM Tool, ServiceNow, was processed and the Purchase Order created on June 24, 2014.  In the next couple of weeks, we will have a Project Manager assigned from the ServiceNow side to begin the work needed.  This graphic provides a high level look of the work that will be done in the next couple of months.


High level info:

  • ServiceNow System Administrator training will be held onsite on June 30, 2014 through July 2, 2014.
  • Within the next 4 weeks (hopefully sooner), we will have the SN vendor project team assembled and kick off meeting held.
  • Process workshops will occur for each of the below processes. Workshops will include the process owner, stakeholders, and the assigned application administrators. The processes included are:
    • Incident Management
    • Request Fulfillment/Service Catalog
    • Change Management
    • CMDB
    • Problem Management
    • Project Portfolio
  • Implementation begins
  • ServiceNow Foundations Training for all IT Staff
  • Testing
  • Go Live

A more concrete project plan will provided in the coming weeks.

Now that ServiceNow has been purchase, the time come to train the individuals that will take on the roles and responsibilities in each of the processes that are being implemented as part of the IT Service Management Program this year.

ServiceNow Foundations Training

All IT Staff is required to complete the ServiceNow Foundations Online Course by July 31, 2014.

ServiceNow System Administrator Training

ServiceNow System Administrator training will be held onsite on June 30, 2014 through July 2, 2014.

ITIL Fulfiller Trainings

The ITSM process managers are working on identifying which IT staff members will be completing the ITIL Fulfiller Trainings such as Incident Management, Change Management, Request Fulfillment/Service Catalog, Configuration Management Database, Problem Management and Project Management.

ITIL Foundations Training

All IT Staff needs to submit a digital copy of their ITIL Foundations Certificate by July 31st.  25 IT staff positions are pending to complete the training, which include 16 full time employees and 9 vacant positions.

Visit the IT Service Management Program website for more information

The ITSM Program website is complete and has been published at http://utpa.edu/itsm. The website content will be updated regularly along with status updates.

The High-Level Process has been completed. Project teams began work on the Detailed Process documentation for Incident Management. Process teams are currently developing Incident Management Categorization and Prioritization.

Assessment of the current state for Incident Management and Request Fulfillment is on-going. Project functional team leads continue working with subject matter experts at identifying current processes documentation.

Project teams completed High-Level Process Models for Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, Service Catalog and Change Management. These process models have been approved by the ITSM Program Executive Sponsor. A video of Request Fulfillment high-level process is now available online.

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